Employee Spotlight: Jeff LeBard

Employee Spotlight: Jeff LeBard

Meet Jeff LeBard, our winemaker for the last 14 years for both Gainey Vineyard and Evan’s Ranch wines.

Jeff’s favorite part of his job is the versatility of balancing science and creativity. He likes creating something that’s both beautiful and scientifically accurate. He also enjoys the challenges presented by recreating a consistently well-received wine across 19 labels.

For his next trip he can’t wait to go back to Patagonia, Argentina and visit his friends who live there. When Jeff isn’t working, he loves mountain biking and grabbing a beer at Figueroa Mountain Brewing in Los Olivos.

He recently had his favorite meal with a bottle of Gainey wine: he brought a bottle of 2016 Patrick’s Vineyard to a friend’s house and they feasted on Japanese A5 wagyu steaks, au gratin potatoes, blistered green beans, and grilled artichokes—the perfect accompaniment to the bottle of Patrick’s.