The Myriad of Ways to Taste Wine in Santa Barbara County

The Myriad of Ways to Taste Wine in Santa Barbara County

Option #1: Estate Wineries

Estate wineries are what most people picture when they imagine going wine tasting: a pastoral setting with Instagram-able views of vineyards, high-end wines, and outdoor seating. The Santa Ynez Valley is filled with beautiful estate wineries that fulfill all the expectations of what a day of wine tasting should be. The wine tasting experience at an estate winery can end up being more transformative and experiential. Standing in the actual place where the grapes are grown and produced helps connect people to the land, the history, and the energy of the place. It rounds out the experience in a way that a non- estate tasting rooms can’t provide.

At Gainey Vineyard, we are 100% Estate Wine, which means when you drink our wine, you are drinking wine produced from grapes grown on one of our estate vineyards and produced and bottled on site. We own all of our own vineyards and produce it all in-house. The dedication and passion that we pour into our vineyards carries over into our winemaking which ultimately ends up in your glass. And that non-tangible experience is something you won’t be able to get unless you come visit our estate.

Option #2: Los Olivos Tasting Rooms

The number of tasting rooms in downtown Los Olivos has exploded in recent years. This small town oozes charm and is also home to some of the best wine in Santa Barbara County. Be forewarned though, there’s a big range available so you’ll have to do some research before heading into town. The options range from high-quality wine with passionate winemakers, to tasting rooms that encourage a party-like/bar atmosphere, to downright gimmicky options that attract people who don’t know much about wine.

Gainey Vineyard offers a wine tasting experience at our Evan’s Ranch tasting room in Los Olivos. Evan's Ranch is our boutique winery offering specialized wines produced exclusively from our Evan’s Ranch vineyard located in the south eastern edge of the Santa Rita Hills appellation.

Option #3: Lompoc Wine Ghetto

Don’t let the “ghetto” in the name turn you off. This industrial setting is home to some impressive wineries. There’s small-lot wine production happening in Lompoc that is unique. You won’t find sprawling estates or rolling hills here, but you will find 19 tasting rooms packed into a bustling industrial park.

Option #4: The Funk Zone in SB

What used to be a grimy part of town filled with industrial businesses has now been transformed into where all the cool kids go to drink wine and beer, eat good food, visit art galleries, and shop surf shops. The Funk Zone is not your grandmother’s wine tasting experience. Most of the tasting rooms have a bar atmosphere that encourages people to hang out. You’ll see groups walking from tasting room to tasting room to sample various wines from Santa Barbara County.

There’s a plethora of choices now available, but for those who are serious about their wine and who don’t want to miss out on a special experience we’ll be waiting for you over here at Gainey Vineyard and Evan’s Ranch Wines.


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