Wine Tasting Etiquette: Do’s & Don’ts

Wine Tasting Etiquette: Do’s & Don’ts

Maybe you are new to wine tasting or an old pro, but either way it’s good to brush up on the unwritten rules. To make sure you’re not committing any faux pas, read our list of Do’s & Don’ts to elevate your next wine tasting experience.


  • Eat a big breakfast or lunch before you go tasting
  • Hire a car or driver
  • Go early to avoid crowds
  • Read the tasting notes to see if you notice any of the flavors listed
  • Be kind to your tasting guide
  • Inhale the wine in your glass with a deep breath before taking a sip
  • Use the dump bucket to avoid drinking too much if you’re visiting a lot of wineries
  • Take notes while you taste
  • Leave a tip for your tasting guide if you had a great experience
  • Ask questions about the wine, how it’s made, the type of grapes, etc. while you sip
  • Drink water while you taste to maintain adequate hydration
  • Buy wine! If you like a certain wine purchase some bottles or a case

DON’T : 

  • Get drunk

  • Wear perfume/cologne as it will alter the flavor of the wine
  • Store wine in your car where it gets too hot or too cold
  • Use breath mints or gum because the mint will ruin the wine’s flavor

  • Ask for a second pour of a certain wine unless you plan to purchase it
  • Gulp the wine when tasting

  • Have preconceived notions about what you like (keep an open mind)

  • Make loud noises with your mouth while you taste

  • Hold the bowl, always hold your glass from the stem (the heat from hands changes the wines temperature)

  • Be a wine snob or know-it-all because wine tasting is subjective

  • Don’t try to work a deal or negotiate pricing if you purchase wine


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