Holiday Letter from Dan Gainey

Holiday Letter from Dan Gainey

Hello Friends,

On behalf of everyone here at Gainey Vineyard, I’d like to extend our sincere thanks for your support this year.

It has been another crazy year, but fortunately it was full of many silver linings. Circumstances required that we change our tasting room operations and now we enjoy a much more personalized experience with our guests. After a long hiatus, we’ve carefully started hosting events again and look forward to even more next year. New vineyards have started producing and we are encouraged by their potential. And even though Harvest 2021 was much later than normal, the temperatures were consistent and the extra “hang time” for the grapes on the vines resulted in incredible flavor intensities.

We have many things to be thankful for, but none more than the friends we have made over the last 37 years Gainey Vineyard has been in business. My family and I hope your holidays will be filled with friends, family, happiness and joy.

Dan Gainey