Q & A with Wild Heart Events

Q & A with Wild Heart Events

Q & A with Jaime Kostechko

Wild Heart Events

Q: What are brides asking the most for now?

A: A lot of my clients want to redesign their wedding. Not because the trends have changed. They want the same style but they do not want the same wedding they planned last year. So now we’re diving back into design to reinvigorate them with fresh design for their new wedding. Changing things up a bit has refreshed their take on the wedding after going through so much emotionally the last year.

Q: How has the pandemic changed weddings?

A: Guest counts are going up but there is more intentionality now. It’s a more solid group of people. During the pandemic, I saw parred-down guest lists mostly because people were not working in their office situations, they weren’t going out socially, etc. So they became very intentional about who they were seeing and as a result they did away with any obligatory invites.

I’m also seeing a trend toward more personalized and authentic weddings. There has long been engrained stereotypes with certain traditions for weddings and brides now realize that they aren’t authentic and important. They want to celebrate in an authentic manner.

Q: What trends are you seeing the most now?

A: Stylistically, we are seeing a trend towards modern minimalism. Small details are important. Clients are no longer going crazy on the flowers. Over-the-top design and excess is over. My brides want a well-designed but approachable feel for their weddings. Even high-end weddings—it’s not about showing off anymore. This mindset can apply to the all facets of the weddings from the amount of food to the the amount of flowers, etc.

Other trends I’m seeing are "elevated dinner party" style weddings. We are in a new age of weddings where stereotypes are out the door. Couples want all of their favorite people together in one place and to create a sensory experience around that warm feeling—what are their guests seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, and feeling.

Q: If you had a crystal ball, what do you predict for the near future of weddings?

A: We are clearly hitting the roaring 20’s now. With things opening, people are booking venues and vendors in a flurry. With the trend towards authenticity and elevated dinner parties. The old school traditions are gone. All of the fine details will continue be important. Especially the ones that are personalized for the couple. Long gone are the set packages for weddings. Brides and grooms want a blank slate and to make their day as personalized as possible.

Q: What’s your favorite part of working at Gainey Vineyard for a wedding venue?

A: I love Gainey! I think that the Santa Ynez Valley has a magic to it. Gainey is set in the heart of the valley and you get everything—from the wide open skies, old growth oaks, to good wine, to beautiful sunsets. It’s an out outstanding place for couples to bring their favorite family and friends. I’ve noticed that locations on the Central Coast of California are in demand. Couples want their wedding to be a full experience and you can’t beat the al fresco feel of wining and dining at a vineyard.

Q: Did most of your favorite vendors survive the pandemic? Is it hard for brides to find a good team for their wedding day?

A: Most vendors survived. Yet most of them have reprogramed their businesses. Prior to the pandemic, weddings were booming. And the same intentionality that brides are seeking has also landed with the wedding vendors. Prior to the pandemic it was “the bigger the better” or the “the more clients, the better.” Now, I’m seeing vendors that want to align with their clients, do less, and really develop the relationship. The stress of rescheduling all the weddings made vendors reprioritize what they wanted to do with their business. They are now taking on less but charging more. As a result, the race for the quality vendors who create original and unique weddings is REAL. My season is 75% booked for 2022!

Thank you Jaime! We really appreciate your insights and taking the time to chat with us. To find out more about her creative magic and to see her work visit her website Wild Heart Events


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