Update on Special Events at Gainey

Update on Special Events at Gainey

We've been receiving inquires about the state of our events program here at Gainey since COVID-19. So we did a quick Q&A with our events manager Sunny Ramirez to let you know our current status with special events and how we are moving forward.

Q: With the current health mandates set forth by the CA Governor and SB County Public Health, how are these rules affecting events at Gainey?

A: Currently, events are on hold at Gainey Vineyard based on the mandate. However, the current health ordinance through Santa Barbara County Health does allow us to have ceremonies outside. Fortunately, we have multiple spaces that are rather large and can accommodate guests while still adhering to social distancing. We want to proactively work with couples during this challenging time to find solutions that work for them and focus on keeping everyone safe. We are flexible about scheduling and rescheduling if need be to future dates when necessary.

Q: If a bride and groom want to tour Gainey Vineyard how can they do it safely right now?

A: We have two options: virtual tours and onsite tours with social distancing. They can go to our website and download our pricing/policy brochure. If they would like to do a virtual tour they’d need to connect with me to get the links. And to book an onsite tour, they will need to make an appointment with me via email.

Q: Once the pandemic is over and events are allowed again, will there be any dates available for 2021/2022?

A: Yes, there will be dates available. However, due to rescheduling for 2020, there is a sense of urgency to book your dates ASAP for 2021/2022.

Q: Is there a way I can look at photos from prior events at Gainey Vineyard to get design ideas?

A: Visit our website to see the links of published weddings and we also have a wedding album on our Facebook page updated regularly. I also recommend doing an Instagram search with #gaineyweddings #weddingsatgainey to see additional photos.

Q: With all the outdoor space available at Gainey between Upper Terrace, Vineyard View Lawn, Circular Courtyard, and the additional venue, our Historic Barn—do you anticipate that there will be a high demand for events once things open up?

A: Absolutely. We are already experiencing an influx of inquiries for 2021/2022. We are so lucky at Gainey to have all these outdoor spaces. We can accommodate a ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner reception all outside with unique options while still adhering to health and safety measures. We encourage couples to get in touch as soon as possible if there is a date that they really want, as prime dates are booking up quickly.

Q: What changes do you anticipate in the wedding industry?

A: Couples might have to be more open to booking weddings during the week and on Sundays. Moving into 2021, I anticipate health and safety measures worked in as a part of the event. I also foresee open layout dance floors with more space. I predict ceremony set-ups being spread out with more creative seating arrangements. For example, our Vineyard View Lawn offers a vast lawn to accommodate less traditional seating options.

If you’d like to get in touch with our Events Manager, please email Sunny at: events@gaineyvineyard.com