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Love the tables outside with view of the vines and the shade of the giant oak. Thanks.

-Bernard C. | visited 04-09-21

The setting was gorgeous, our server was very informed and delightful. We enjoyed our wines.

-Nancy S. Via Tock | visited 04-09-21

Good wine, great location ... good times.

-Debby M. Via Tock | visited 04-09-21

Staff was super friendly. Thanks guys!

-Melfi P. Via Tock | visited 04-03-21

You guys are always amazin

-Gina C. Via Tock | visited 04-03-21

Thank you Gainey staff! It’s always a great time wine tasting at Gainey. 🍷

-Jennifer M. Via Tock | visited 04-03-21

Incredible tasting!

-Luke O. Via Tock | visited 04-02-21

Awesome experience! The staff is great and all COVID precautions are observed.

-Antonio R. Via Tock | visited 04-01-21

Lovely seating outside next to the vineyard. Very nice people serving us.

-Mary S. Via Tock | visited 03-30-21

Good wine, good people.

-John O. Via Tock | visited 03-30-21

Always a wonderful time with you. The wine, the staff, the location. Did I mention the wine.....Melissa is a gem!

-Charles S. Via Tock | visited 03-30-21

Staff was friendly, view was lovely, and the wines (as always) were delish. Miss the Cabernet Sauvignon tho! 💗😁 You are doing a lovely job handling the constantly changing COVID guidelines. Thank you!

-Erin F. Via Tock | visited 03-28-21

The staff was very helpful

-Sean J. Via Tock | visited 03-28-21

Exceptional wines as always; loved the set up by the vineyards, still prefer the individual pourings but understand the new protocol , thank you.

-Flor C. Via Tock | visited 03-28-21

The perfect "Covid" getaway is only a short drive away Santa Barbara!!! Gainey is well set up to provide an exceptional tasting experience. I love the way the service is set up with each tasting labelled and a great variety (my favorites are still the Chardonnay and Syrah, but the Pinot was superb as well). The view of the wine grapes and valley allow you to feel you are in Italy!! We are just so fortunate to have this winery in our backyard. Thanks Gainey for taking those extra precautions to make us all safe and still providing us with a superb wine tasting experience. Kudos to the staff for providing a friendly, informative, and upbeat atmosphere!

-Ann K. Via Tock | visited 03-24-21

Justin was very pleasant. Easy to find. Comfortable seating.

-Georgette M. Via Tock | visited 03-23-21

Really nice people. Great time!

-Susan H. Via Tock | visited 03-22-21

We had a wonderful time at the Gainey Winery. The wines were quite good and Melissa was so helpful and knowledgeable she made our experience that much better!

-Linda R. Via Tock | visited 03-22-21

Love this winery, the staff, the wine, the view.

-Derek A. Via Tock | visited 03-22-21

A big thank you to the Gainey Winery. It’s an amazing place and the wine is fabulous . It’s a must when you are in the San Ynez region.

-Trisha B. Via Tock | visited 03-22-21

The vineyard is attractive and very peaceful. This was my second visit. The location is close to my hotel. Everyone is very helpful and professional.

-Troy C. Via Tock | visited 03-22-21

Another great day at Gainey! Thanks for making it special for my guests!

-Sharon C. Via Tock | visited 03-21-21

Our server was great! She’s actually been our server on several occasions and is always friendly, helpful, and attentive ( and I think her name is Linda, but not sure sure). Thank you!

-Livier M. Via Tock | visited 03-20-21

Everything was perfect!

-Ofelia T. Via Tock | visited 03-20-21

Great experienc

-Cris G. Via Tock | visited 03-20-21

As always the staff was outstanding and helpful! They made the visit enjoyable!

-Lou S. Via Tock | visited 03-20-21

The property is beautiful. The wine is great and the customer service is wonder! Always have a great experience!

-Linda D. Via Tock | visited 03-20-21

Gracious and warm hospitality while practicing responsible social distancing! The tasting flight was delicious with generous pours!

-Nancy L. Via Tock | visited 03-19-21

Rhonda was great and we loved the Rose too! Cheers!

-Craig M. Via Tock | visited 03-18-21

We had a great time!

-Alisa P. Via Tock | visited 03-14-21

Love this winery! So glad I’m a member.

-Brianna G. Via Tock | visited 03-13-21

Wines were great

-Mike J. Via Tock | visited 03-13-21

Great wines and wonderful server. Always love your location.

-Jack K. Via Tock | visited 03-12-21

Very nice tasting!

-Chris T. Via Tock | visited 03-12-21

Beautiful tasting grounds, delicious wines and wonderful service- a perfect experience!

-Susan T. Via Tock | visited 03-12-21

Loved it! The wines were delicious and the service was amazing!

-Jody F. Via Tock | visited 03-12-21

Everyone was friendly helpful and made us feel welcome and safe

-Anne K. Via Tock | visited 03-10-21

Comfortable outdoor patio seating under a tent well done!

-Debbie M. Via Tock | visited 03-09-21

Always love coming to Gainey. The wine, the people, the atmosphere.

-Charles S. Via Tock | visited 03-07-21

We always look forward to our trips to Gainey Vineyard. The wines are great and the people so friendly and welcoming. You do a great job.

-Adrian B. Via Tock | visited 03-07-21

Melissa is the Best. Entire staff is very good.

-John V. Via Tock | visited 03-07-21

Thanks again for a beautiful place and great wine

-Susan D. Via Tock | visited 03-07-21

We loved Rhonda!

-Janine H. Via Tock | visited 03-06-21

Service was excellent!

-Alyssa B. Via Tock | visited 03-06-21

It's always a beautiful day at the Gainey vineyard, no matter what the weather, there is beauty in all of its seasons. Seeing the raw vines getting ready for spring, shaping the character of the new season to come still awes me. This winery has for the past 25 years to present day is still my favorite. Meryl was from all those years ago till now is still the friendliest, most helpful person ever on staff. Everyone we've ever been in contact with, all share that same quality. The wines speak for themselves, crisp clean, flavorful, never a bad bottle. My favorites are still the Pinot that fragrant is memorizing. When ever I need to break away from the city, Gainey vineyard comes first to mind. Thank you again for the best time ever this weekend. I'll be going back to work on Monday thinking about the wonderful time I had a the winery, watching the hawks circling around sipping a glass of wine. Till our next trip Mahalo and much Aloha Dare & Byron Omoto

-Dare & Byron O. Via Tock | visited 03-06-21

Our server was very helpful and courteous

-Rick F. Via Tock | visited 03-05-21

We visited on a Friday afternoon and were greeted warmly even though we were 15 minutes late. We were allowed to stay past our reservation time of one hour since they had room. Serving staff was terrific!

-Ginny G. Via Tock | visited 03-05-21

Very comfortable, all weather Covid compliant tasting experience. We’re happy to use lower picnic area after tasting. Quality of wines superior.

-John S. Via Tock | visited 03-03-21

We loved sitting outside and tasting the lovely wines at our own pace. I haven't been out much since the pandemic started, and I really needed this day! The wine is top notch, the ambiance is special and the staff are warm and welcoming. Thank you!

-Christine S. Via Tock | visited 03-01-21

Good wines, friendly employees.

-LouAnn L. Via Tock | visited 02-28-21

Had an amazing experience. Thank you.

-Christopher K. Via Tock | visited 02-27-21

It was wonderful to get to talk to the staff we have really missed seeing everyone. Everything was run really well and we felt very safe!

-Sandy & Mark S. Via Tock | visited 02-27-21

Great wine!

-Scott R. Via Tock | visited 02-27-21

I celebrated my 40th birthday at Gainey and had a lovely time. The service was amazing. Thank you Michelle!

-Dulce B. Via Tock | visited 02-27-21

Excellent wines!

-Anthony W. Via Tock | visited 02-26-21

Beautiful day! Great wine and great welcoming atmosphere and service.

-Sandra D. Via Tock | visited 02-26-21

I have been member since 2012. I love Gainey wines. They have good selections of both whites and Reds. Although, I love red wines , but I never say no to Gaineys sauvignon blanc and their dry riesling is everyone's favorite at my gatherings.

-Seema S. Via Tock | visited 02-25-21

Very personable server in the patio area

-Gregory L. Via Tock | visited 02-23-21

Service was prompt, food good, servers friendly and cheerful. Wine great of couse!

-Ray Q. Via Tock | visited 02-21-21

The staff was very pleasant and accommodating! Ray was our server and he did an excellent job of making sure we got our tastings, and our wine shipments!

-Diana M. Via Tock | visited 02-21-21

Excellent service and of course wonderful wine. My wife and I had our wedding reception at Gainey 10 years ago, so it has always been a special place to us. The service has held up well over the years, even during the pandemic closings and limited reopening. Thankyou.

-Stanley M. Via Tock | visited 02-21-21

Knowledgeable nice server.

-Joe G. Via Tock | visited 02-21-21

Customer service is exceptional and the wines are fantastic!

-Anthonette P. Via Tock | visited 02-20-21

Ray was an excellent host while we tasted. He had our wine shipments and add-ons ready for us when we were ready to leave.

-Ray K. Via Tock | visited 02-19-21

Always love Gainey! The setting was great & I felt very saf

-Sharon L. Via Tock | visited 02-19-21

It was a very nice relaxing time. It wasn’t too busy when we were there, so we didn’t feel rushed at all. The tent wasn’t as nice as seeing your beautiful grounds though. Sure looking forward to another visit in a few months!!

-Carolyn M. Via Tock | visited 02-19-21

Service and wines were both outstanding.

-Carol H. Via Tock | visited 02-19-21

Friendly staff!

-Mary N. Via Tock | visited 02-16-21

Everything was perfect as usual!! The team here is top-notch and we will return again soon!! Keep up the excellent customer service!

-Lori P. Via Tock | visited 02-15-21

The wines and hospitality were outstanding!

-Frank D. Via Tock | visited 02-15-21

Always a treat to spend time with you on your beautiful winery!

-Shawna M. Via Tock | visited 02-15-21

Wines were great as well as the personal.

-Tom M. Via Tock | visited 02-15-21

Welcoming greeter and server. The outdoor tent provided warmer / windshield. Glad you are open!

-Jamie L. Via Tock | visited 02-14-21

Great wine and great host - thank you Alice!

-Stacey S. Via Tock | visited 02-14-21

Good service. Great wine. Wonderful people!

-Marguerite W. Via Tock | visited 02-14-21

Always a fabulous tasting with beautiful views. The Gainey wines just keep getting better!

-Terri S. Via Tock | visited 02-14-21

How friendly and organized it was. It was a great experience.

-Cynthia P. Via Tock | visited 02-13-21

Great atmosphere, very friendly staff!

-Geraldine G. Via Tock | visited 02-13-21

Thank you for making us feel safe during covid and also providing a wonderful tasting experience!

-Lori C. Via Tock | visited 02-13-21

Beautiful getaway with great wine!

-Linas P. Via Tock | visited 02-12-21

Very happy and welcoming staff and fantastic wine! Looking forward to the tasting rooms re-opening like old times!

-Matt C. Via Tock | visited 02-12-21

Delicious wine, beautiful setting, and an amazing server.

-Amy B. Via Tock | visited 12-12-20

Great wine, great location, great people, thanks Alice, your the best, why we keep coming back.

-Greg & Robin D. Via Tock | visited 12-07-20

Great experience!

-Mike M. Via Tock | visited 12-06-20

Excellent as always. After 6 years of membership we have 0 complaints.:)

-Robert H. Via Tock | visited 12-05-20

Always a pleasure to visit ! I will be first in line for tasting. Meanwhile I’ll enjoy your wines at home. The limited edition Pinot Noir was as good as they come.

-Jenny K. Via Tock | visited 12-05-20

Superb service from everyone at Gainey. Had the best time and very happy with my experience. Thanks.

-Brian S. Via Tock | visited 12-05-20

Had a nice afternoon of wine tasting in a safe clean and social distanced environment.

-Diana G. Via Tock | visited 12-05-20

Everything wat great! Service was great, loved the wines and atmosphere.

-Sheila K. Via Tock | visited 12-05-20

Thank you for a great day!

-Beatriz S. Via Tock | visited 12-05-20

Gainey is always welcoming one of our favorite wineries along with Evans Ranch, Alice at Evans is awesome!!

-Nancy J. Via Tock | visited 12-05-20

Thank you so much for a little sanity escape -- great wine in a beautiful place!

-Susan D. Via Tock | visited 12-05-20

We were warmly welcomed, felt safe, delighted in the beautiful view and enjoyed the always delectable wines. Loved the charcuterie box of goodies. Came home with a trunkful of wine. Hope to return soon!

-Ana I. Via Tock | visited 12-04-20


-Mark A. Via Tock | visited 12-03-20

Great services, love the place

-Felix T. Via Tock | visited 12-02-20

Always a nice and friendly place to visit

-Michael L. Via Tock | visited 11-30-20

Wines are great. Settle is beautiful.

-Carol H. Via Tock | visited 11-28-20

Members since 2011, love the way you ate handling our current situation with the outdoor tent and set up!

-Ron C. Via Tock | visited 11-28-20

Thank you. We enjoyed our tasting!

-Chuck A. Via Tock | visited 11-28-20

Our favorite Winery!! Thank you

-Mark E. Via Tock | visited 11-27-20

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