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Appreciate the way you have the tables spaced.

-LouAnn L. Via Tock | visited 09-27-20

Thank you for being open, thank you for being safe, thank you for knowledgeable assistants. It was the first time my son was able to come with us (leaving wife & children at home), and he really enjoyed his time there.

-Carol D. Via Tock | visited 09-27-20

Fast and great service by staff. Beautiful outdoors and great wine.

-Misak N. Via Tock | visited 09-27-20

We were seated quickly with our reservation. Our server was great!

-Marta P. Via Tock | visited 09-27-20

The setting, the wind but most important and the ultimate in caring, your crew! Great group of individuals. Than you

-Sandy L. Via Tock | visited 09-26-20

Our sommelier was knowledgeable and friendly, we loved the share-a-mini-carafe routine and we REALLY appreciated the visit of friendly Dan Gainey to our table. Thank you, dear Gainey folks!

-John M. Via Tock | visited 09-26-20

Good tasting.

-Mitch B. Via Tock | visited 09-26-20

Bought 6 bottles of wine.

-David H. Via Tock | visited 09-26-20

We had a lovely time wine tasting and what a pleasure for Dan Gainey to stop at our table and talk to us about the the vineyard and winemaking. The wine, as always, was excellent. So appreciate the social distancing practices and being able to taste and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

-Kai H. Via Tock | visited 09-26-20

Great service, beautiful setting, delicious wine

-Susan T. Via Tock | visited 09-25-20

Everyone was so nice!

-Mimi S. Via Tock | visited 09-25-20

The service was great!

-Patricia E. Via Tock | visited 09-23-20

Love the wine. Great place to taste and relax outside. Staff is great!

-Tom S. Via Tock | visited 09-22-20

Wine was wonderful and the setting is gorgeous. I actually like the "flight tastings". Our server was great too -- very friendly and attentive

-Pamela P. Via Tock | visited 09-22-20

Beautiful Day, great wine 🍷 lovely servers! Couldn’t be better - Thank You!

-Darlene B. Via Tock | visited 09-21-20

Thanks Justin for the excellent and attentive service. I'll be back next month and will make a reservation!

-Denise M. Via Tock | visited 09-21-20

Loved every moment! Such great people work there, including Melissa!

-Donna C. Via Tock | visited 09-21-20

Great Wine, Nice environment for tasting, Nice to meet the owner of the winery.

-Stephen E. Via Tock | visited 09-19-20

Awesome place

-Arturo C. Via Tock | visited 09-19-20

Place is beautiful and the staff is great. Dan Gainey came by to say hi.

-Jason B. Via Tock | visited 09-19-20

Loved the meat and cheese platter and of course the wines. Wonderful wine tasting experience in a beautiful setting!

-Valerie A. Via Tock | visited 09-19-20

It was just great to sip your delicious wine while enjoying the beautiful vineyards. A surprise hello from Dan Gainey made for a perfect day! Proud to be wine club members for over 20 years!

-Shawna M. Via Tock | visited 09-19-20

Beautiful patio. Excellent wine!

-Greg A. Via Tock | visited 09-19-20

Love this place. Will be back, as we’ve done several times now.

-Jose M. Via Tock | visited 09-19-20

My husband and I had a wonderful experience at your winery. Best Pinot Noir I've ever had, and great service!

-Lana L. Via Tock | visited 09-18-20

Always a great time.

-Deborah L. Via Tock | visited 09-18-20

Considerate service & excellent wine.

-Tony B. Via Tock | visited 09-16-20

The outdoor setting, selection of wine, and our friendly and knowledgeable host Rei made this such a lovely outing—our first in months. Thank you! Mark & Emma

-Emma T. Via Tock | visited 09-14-20

Wonderful wines, nice people!

-Paul K. Via Tock | visited 09-13-20

Great wine, great customer service, and overall ambiance.

-Marina K. Via Tock | visited 09-13-20

Beautiful day and setting. We will be back soon!

-Darlene B. Via Tock | visited 09-13-20

You did social distancing very well! We felt very comfortable and safe at your vineyard in these trying times. Our daughter's first wine tasting was very nice, although very different from what we have had there before. We love Gainey, and have for a long time! One of my favorite photos of my dad who has passed, is at your vineyard/winery!

-Constance O. Via Tock | visited 09-13-20

We love all your wine and enjoyed the beautiful day we had wine tasting. Thank you.

-Karen E. Via Tock | visited 09-12-20

Love the new tasting arrangement! So glad you were open and could accommodate us! Staff was as friendly as always.

-Stefanie W. Via Tock | visited 09-12-20

Great wines, beautiful location, amazing service.

-Nydia D. Via Tock | visited 09-12-20

I like the way that you have made the best of all the restrictions that are put upon you. I almost like it better now. Keep up your great attitude - shout out to Rhonda which made my tasting extra fun!!

-Cindy T. Via Tock | visited 09-12-20

The staff and owner are very personable. Always enjoy their company, they really do treat you as family which I enjoy.

-Dennis O. Via Tock | visited 09-12-20

Nice outdoor experience!

-Roxie L. Via Tock | visited 09-12-20

Exceptional experience. So nice And welcoming to meet Mr. Gainey. I will recommend and come back when in town. Thank you.

-Rufina L. Via Tock | visited 09-12-20

We had a very enjoyable and relaxing time tasting wonderful wines. Everyone was very helpful. Thanks

-Cindy M. Via Tock | visited 09-11-20

Every one was friendly and helpful, as always and the wine was good.

-Thomas S. Via Tock | visited 09-09-20

Social distancing great hostess Wonderful and safe break with friends

-Jeannine Y. Via Tock | visited 09-08-20

This was my absolute favorite vinyard I visited while in Santa Barbara!

-Katrina C. Via Tock | visited 09-08-20

Gainey Vineyards is always a wonderful experience

-David H. Via Tock | visited 09-07-20

I appreciated the customer service. The staff was definitely making the best efforts due to being 118 degrees on September 6. Overall, still a good experience!

-Matthew E. Via Tock | visited 09-06-20

Great customer service and great wine. Thank you Gainey Vineyard.

-Orbille G. Via Tock | visited 09-06-20

Very enjoyable experience, made so by wonderful variety of products and people passionate about them.

-Philip S. Via Tock | visited 09-06-20

Everything! From the welcoming, service and of course the wine. The cheese and meat platter was superb. My wife and kids were really comfortable, except for the heat, but you had no control over that. The place was extra clean and conforming to all covid-19 safety protocols. Thanks!

-Marco S. Via Tock | visited 09-06-20

We enjoyed your service and the wine. This was our first time visiting your winery and it won’t be our last.

-Miguel G. Via Tock | visited 09-06-20

Very friendly staff and a wonderful view!

-Brian F. Via Tock | visited 09-06-20

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Service was great! The misters helped with the heat too.!

-Marissa Y. Via Tock | visited 09-05-20

First visit to Gainey Vineyard and it certainly will not be the last. The lady that helped us was very knowledgeable and nice.

-Pat C. Via Tock | visited 09-05-20

Love the outdoor area! It’s such a beautiful setting to be drinking great wine in. 😃 And all the staff members are very friendly.

-Shelene F. Via Tock | visited 09-05-20

Great staff, beautiful grounds, wonderful wines!

-Kim L. Via Tock | visited 09-04-20

Foxy and Kelley were fantastic! Professional and friendly. We always enjoy visiting your wonderful winery!

-Bruce H. Via Tock | visited 09-03-20

Excellent wine. Fabulous setting

-John S. Via Tock | visited 09-03-20

Pat was so incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. A great experience.

-Shefali D. Via Tock | visited 09-03-20

Nice, easy & comfortable experience... thanks

-Maria D. Via Tock | visited 09-03-20

Very friendly staff, great wine, safe seating areas.

-David G. Via Tock | visited 09-02-20

The Gainey staff did a great job accommodating us wine tasters during a difficult Covid-19 time.

-Ron W. Via Tock | visited 08-31-20

Our greeter and server were both very friendly and informative.

-David G. Via Tock | visited 08-30-20

Fantastic experience within the COVID guidelines!

-Seth M. Via Tock | visited 08-29-20

It was excellent! We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to come back.

-Denise B. Via Tock | visited 08-29-20

Great wines and friendly staff!

-Mary O. Via Tock | visited 08-29-20

A lovely experience, and seemed very safe, with lots of space and fresh air. Friendly service, delicious wines and charcuterie, and beautiful scenery.

-Nicole M. | visited 08-29-20

I appreciate that you made the necessary arrangements for us to be able to taste wine again.

-Gregory L. Via Tock | visited 08-28-20

Great time as always!

-Beatriz.S. Via Tock | visited 08-28-20

Everything was wonderful! Such a lovely experience. :)

-Jillana L. Via Tock | visited 08-27-20

Awesome service and very relaxing!

-Gloria F. Via Tock | visited 08-23-20

All the staff is amazing! We brought cheese and meats to go with our wine, it’s unfortunate we didn’t get to eat to go with our wine. We understand the protocol due to the pandemic. Thank you, Gainey, the wines never disappoint.

-Mirella Jo S. Via Tock | visited 08-23-20

We really enjoyed the service and atmosphere. We will be back!

-Jennifer G. | visited 08-23-20

Felt safe and welcome there!

-Benjamin K. Via Tock | visited 08-23-20

Super organized, and love the way you served with the mini carafes. Very smart.

-Bill B. Via Tock | visited 08-23-20

Our wine attendant was excellent! He was very knowledgeable about the wines and very attentive to our party of four, as a Gainey wine club member, I'm glad to see him as a new addition to the staff, cheers!

-Michael V. Via Tock | visited 08-23-20

The wines were delicious and Justin was very knowledgeable and cordial.

-Michael P. Via Tock | visited 08-22-20

Everyone there is amazing.

-Steve G. Via Tock | visited 08-22-20

Enjoyed the wines of course and enjoyed meeting Dan!

-Linda C. Via Tock | visited 08-22-20

Thank you!!! We enjoyed our visit!

-Erica C. Via Tock | visited 08-22-20

We love the winery all around. Service on the patio was perfect and handled well. Appreciated the cooling misters and was happy to meet and speak with Dan Gainey.

-Kamala E. Via Tock | visited 08-22-20

Our server was very pleasant and informative about the wines we tasted. He was very cordial even though the heat was scorching. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon!!

-Debby M. Via Tock | visited 08-22-20

Great experience! We’ve been members for 14 years. We missed the personal interactions with your amazing staff but we also really enjoyed the more intimate experience of having a private table with the vineyard as our backdrop! Come visit! You’ll love the views and some great tasting wines!!

-Kimberly S. Via Tock | visited 08-21-20

Everything was perfect. The service the wine and the atmosphere.

-Shirin K. Via Tock | visited 08-20-20

Lovely venue, good wine, great service!

-Greg G. Via Tock | visited 08-20-20

It was very nice to visit Gainey Vineyard again, great atmosphere and nice people.

-Tatyana D. Via Tock | visited 08-16-20

We love Gainey, anyway, but the outdoor tasting for COVID times was very well done. Everyone was super friendly and the grounds are very relaxing.

-John H. Via Tock | visited 08-16-20

Excellent service I had a great time

-Rosa B. Via Tock | visited 08-16-20

The seating area was lovely. Umbrellas, fans and mist kept us cool on a very hot day. Our server Justin was awesome. He was friendly and knowledgeable and attentive. We felt comfortable and welcomed despite the restrictions placed on your business due to Covid. And of course we always love the wines.

-Dana D. Via Tock | visited 08-16-20

I like how attentive they were to my kids. Made them feel welcome, as always!

-Emilia M. Via Tock | visited 08-15-20

Despite the power outage, the host and wine server made us feel welcome and supported the entire time on the property.

-Steve M. Via Tock | visited 08-15-20

Always a pleasant time at Gainey! I suggest bringing the wines out 3 at time to prevent them from getting warm, especially the Riesling, on a hot day.

-David S. Via Tock | visited 08-14-20

Everything about the tasting was fantastic. Gorgeous setting, great service and wonderful wine. Will be back soon!!

-Pamela P. Via Tock | visited 08-14-20

We enjoyed our time in your beautiful outdoor area on Friday. Justin took very good care of us... He was knowledgeable and friendly.

-Elizabeth d. Via Tock | visited 08-14-20

Very friendly staff and nicely laid out for social distancing

-Anne K. Via Tock | visited 08-13-20

Excellent service by Emily! Great wines

-Sunil M. Via Tock | visited 08-13-20

It was a great experience as always!!

-Elizabeth P. Via tock | visited 08-12-20

For starters, this web site is TOPS — reservation, confirmations, reminders, VERY professional. The testing crew was SO friendly (in spite of being a bit understaffed); shared mini-carafes are a good idea; lovely day!

-John M. Via Tock | visited 08-12-20

Wines were great. Staff worked very hard making it an enjoyable experience during this difficult time.

-Kevin F. Via Tock | visited 08-12-20

Given the COVID constraints, you all did a wonderful job of hosting wine tasting. The expanded outdoor seating area, the waiter service and the carafes for the tastings worked great! Congratulations.

-Robert M. Via Tock | visited 08-09-20

Great experience, thank you.

-Jesus G. Via Tock | visited 08-09-20

We love you!!

-Jane B. Via Tock | visited 08-09-20

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