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Great service and great wine. Thanks!

-Shawn S. Via Tock | visited 11-22-21

Awesome visit. Thanks!

-David D. Via Tock | visited 11-20-21

Good wine served by knowledgeable staff in a wonderful environment.

-Wolfgang K. Via Tock | visited 11-20-21

Staff was so friendly and the wine was delicious!

-Brianna B. Via Tock | visited 11-18-21

Melissa was a wonderful server and sommelier . Had a lovely time. Perfect weather for patio seating too.

-Adrian B. Via Tock | visited 11-16-21

Lovely staff!

-David T. Via Tock | visited 11-15-21

Love the wine & tasting experience!

-Susan R. Via Tock | visited 11-14-21

Great service and people.

-Borina N. Via Tock | visited 11-14-21

Always a fantastic time! We love the Member's Lounge with Norreen serving the great wines! The added wonderful Pat hosting was a special treat!

-Gary G. Via Tock | visited 11-13-21

We were able to be seated at a table near our friends. The setting was beautiful. The server was very nice.

-Janet M. | visited 11-13-21

Ray and the rest of the staff were great as always!!!!

-Lance O. Via Tock | visited 11-13-21

The whole Gainey team is great, thanks for always making us feel special

-Nancy J. Via Tock | visited 11-13-21

Friendly staff, great wine tasting experience.

-Ruchira B. Via Tock | visited 11-10-21

Wonderful afternoon spent at winery. Service was fantastic! Definitely recommend a visit.

-Eva B. Via Tock | visited 11-07-21

We always have the best time at Gainey because we feel like we're visiting old friends or family each time we come here. Everyone is always so happy and friendly! And of course, you can't beat the wine or the views!

-Karen J. Via Tock | visited 11-07-21

We took our friends here and it was our first time going too but the atmosphere the setting was amazing felt like we were in a different time. And the wine was awesome too!

-Rosa L. Via Tock | visited 11-06-21

We were celebrating a birthday! Norreen was great and we enjoyed the VIP room for our celebration!

-Cindy H. Via Tock | visited 11-06-21

Not being told our sitting was going to be inside was disappointing but Ray came to the rescue. He is such a nice and well knowledgeable person. My wife Normy and I were so delightful to have such a waiter like him. We ended buying wine because of a selection that was on the tasting menu that he gladly served for us at the end of our sitting session. Keep this man in your winery, he is a super seller.

-Melvin P. Via Tock | visited 11-06-21

As usual, great experience!

-Curt Y. Via Tock | visited 11-01-21

You're simply the best!

-Michael L. Via Tock | visited 11-01-21

As always we had a great visit!

-David H. Via Tock | visited 10-30-21

Thank you for being so welcoming and making sure my family felt comfortable.

-Lorene D. Via Tock | visited 10-30-21

Had a great experience wine tasting! It was a beautiful day out on the patio in the sunshine! Would definitely recommend. Our waiter was very attentive and friendly!

-Autumn D. Via Tock | visited 10-30-21

Justin did a great job. He was informative and friendly and enhanced our visit to your winery!

-Barbara K. Via Tock | visited 10-25-21

Lynn was terrific and gave us great service! Very yummy wines too!

-Alexa W. Via Tock | visited 10-24-21

Always first class. Always enjoy Justin.

-Roberta M. Via Tock | visited 10-24-21

Always enjoy my wine tasting we had Rhonda she was great, excellent customer service. See you again.

-Cheryle Via Tock | visited 10-23-21

Great service like always!!

-Gloria F. Via Tock | visited 10-23-21

Service was excellent! The wines were delicious! Great place to spend a pleasant relaxing day.

-Brenda G. Via Tock | visited 10-23-21

Wonderful time, yummy wine, & an amazing view!

-Bridgette W. | visited 10-23-21

My boyfriend and I went on a spur of the moment trip to Solvang and found this great Vineyard we wanted to go try. Not only was the wine AMAZING but the staff went above and beyond to make us enjoy our little time we had there even more. I believe her name was Vera & and also Ray gave us such great customer service that we want to go back very soon. Thank you so much!

-Gabriela T. Via Tock | visited 10-22-21

The tasting was wonderful. The server gave useful and detailed information. And the wines were lovely. Thank you for having us.

-David B. Via Tock | visited 10-22-21

Courteous staff, beautiful surroundings and great tasting wine.

-Monica F. Via Tock | visited 10-21-21

The property was beautiful and inviting upon arrival. As soon as we entered we were greeted by some amazing staff. The smell of wine and candles fill the air and make for a very homey experience. We had the pleasure of being educated by Melissa and Ray. Our tasting was very involved and was thoughtfully delivered and explained. Each wine balancing the previous while preparing you for the next. We had an amazing charcuterie set up from the winery that made the tasting even better! Ray and Melissa were so kind and knowledgeable, they really made our tasting experience next level! We will definitely be coming back whenever we are in town.

-Connor D. Via Tock | visited 10-19-21

Great service friendly (Happy was helpful) helpful and knowledgeable

-Tom M. Via Tock | visited 10-17-21

Our wine pourer was fantastic, and the wines were good, as always!

-David T. Via Tock | visited 10-17-21

Lynn was a very gracious host! Very friendly staff!

-Carl K. Via Tock | visited 10-16-21

As always, service is friendly, informative, and engaging.

-Livier M. Via Tock | visited 10-16-21

Justin was amazing!

-Gina B. Via Tock | visited 10-10-21

Beautiful grounds and friendly staff!

-Regina G. Via Tock | visited 10-09-21

Fantastic wines and staff!

-Christopher K. Via Tock | visited 10-09-21

Always a pleasure to be there...we've been members for years. The staff is always friendly and accommodating during tastings. Their new outdoor seating area is a great place for a tasting.

-John H. Via Tock | visited 10-07-21

Great guest service by your staff!

-Mary W. Via Tock | visited 10-06-21

Enjoyed your outdoor tasting area. We had a very pleasant visit. Thank you!

-Donna D. Via Tock | visited 10-06-21

Everything went well! Loved the atmosphere and the wines.

-Marina B. Via Tock | visited 10-03-21

Lynn did a great job in the tasting room!

-Diana M. Via Tock | visited 10-03-21

Service, hospitality! Beautiful experience. We’ll comeback!

-Max G. Via Tock | visited 10-02-21

Enjoyed the great wine and outdoor picnic.

-Geri E. Via Tock | visited 10-02-21

When Lynn came to our table,.. she remembered us and greeted us warmly! We felt so welcomed and our friends thought it was so nice to be known. They are considering joining Gainey membership.

-RaeLynn R. Via Tock | visited 10-02-21

Our waitress was fantastic. Very enthusiastic. She loves Gainey and we loved her. She is older with long blonde hair. Loves Pinot noir.

-Noelle G. Via Tock | visited 09-26-21

Everyone's always friendly and accommodating.

-Thomas S. Via Tock | visited 09-26-21

Very friendly and knowledgeable. Well done.

-Jerry S. Via Tock | visited 09-25-21

Beautiful view at this vineyard wonderful staff and ❤️❤️❤️ The wine

-Claudia A. Via Tock | visited 09-25-21

Your staff and wines are great!👍

-Ron W. Via Tock | visited 09-25-21

Our favorite setting for lunch and wine!

-Kelley W. Via Tock | visited 09-23-21

It was a wonderful experience having Lynn as our guide through this awesome experience. Lynn was extremely informative and an absolute pleasure to talk to. She was above and beyond great!!! Definitely will be back when our travels bring us back to California.

-Donna G. Via Tock | visited 09-22-21

The setting was beautiful and the staff was very friendly and provided excellent service! We enjoyed your outside picnic area after our tasting ! We also enjoyed the wine very much! Thank you very much for the wonderful hospitality!

-Sylvia N. Via Tock | visited 09-22-21

Beautiful set-up in an attractive barrel-lined room. Our host, Lynn, was charming and knowledgeable and she made us feel very welcome. Elegant wines! Overall, a wonderful experience.

-Liz T. Via Tock | visited 09-22-21

Our hostess Lynn was so knowledgeable and so nice!! We had a blast and will definitely come again!!

-Barbara B. Via Tock | visited 09-21-21

Loved the wines and the tasting. Our server was wonderfu

-Barbara S. Via Tock | visited 09-20-21

Lynn was amazing! We had a large party and she was very accommodating. She was very sweet to our kids and made sure they were entertained with coloring and juices. Another reason I love being a Gainey member because the staff is always so wonderful and welcoming. Thank you Lynn!

-Maria G. Via Tock | visited 09-19-21

Thank you again Lynn and Justin for accommodating our big group and the awesome customer service!

-Glenn G. Via Tock | visited 09-19-21

New to wine tasting, the server was super helpful and courteous. Bought several bottles even though we didn’t expect to as we are new to wine.

-David P. Via Tock | visited 09-19-21

Felt like old times and everyone at Gainey remains helpful and fun to be around. Love to be able to taste inside again! Thank you!

-Janet O. Via Tock | visited 09-18-21

Thank you so much for making my son feel special on his 30th birthday! Your team is awesome!

-Flor W. Via Tock | visited 09-18-21

Beautiful grounds. Great customer service!

-Brad A. Via Tock | visited 09-18-21

Always a great experience when Melissa is there!

-Colleen F. Via Tock | visited 09-18-21

We had a wonderful time! Thank you for making it special!

-Cathy H. Via Tock | visited 09-18-21

Thank you so much Gainey Vineyard for making my parents experience magical for their 32nd Wedding Anniversary!

-Brianna G. Via Tock | visited 09-16-21

Had a great time with great wine!

-Howard Z. Via Tock | visited 09-16-21

Great tasting experience. Highly recommend stopping by this winery.

-Scott M. Via Tock | visited 09-15-21

Such a beautiful property and the wines were great. We loved having a picnic in the vineyard.

-Alayna B. Via Tock | visited 09-14-21

Wonderful wine tasting with Rhonda.

-Edna G. Via Tock | visited 09-14-21

Excellent wines. Attractive tasting room.

-Mike F. Via Tock | visited 09-13-21

Always enjoy our visits to Gainey - staff are welcoming and truly want to help us enjoy our experience.

-Christine F. Via Tock | visited 09-12-21

We appreciate how warm and friendly Lynn was and how knowledgeable she was on the wines. We even had a member in our party become a member!

-Chris V. Via Tock | visited 09-12-21

We had the best time! Kid friendly and all.

-Cindy A. Via Tock | visited 09-12-21

We loved our server Vera it was a great experience loved the entire vineyard and tasting room!

-Diane C. Via Tock | visited 09-11-21

Great service and wine, we love the lawn area.

-Jeff W. Via Tock | visited 09-11-21

Fantastic wine and tasting experience.

-Christopher K. Via Tock | visited 09-11-21

Love the surroundings, love the wine, love the staff. Thank you!

-Diane G. Via Tock | visited 09-10-21

We love Gainey! Always a special place for us.

-Madison S. Via Tock | visited 09-10-21

We always enjoy Gainey Winery; the staff are first - rate!

-Barbara M. Via Tock | visited 09-10-21

Melissa hosted us yesterday. She was very knowledgeable about all of your wines. We really loved all of your wines but thoroughly enjoyed Patrick's the best. Can't wait to come back. Thank you. Melissa is a first class host!

-Norma W. Via Tock | visited 09-08-21

You guys are the best!!!

-Thomas K. Via Tock | visited 09-07-21

Great time as usual. Amazing staff, thanks.

-Steve G. Via Tock | visited 09-06-21

The friendly and knowledgeable people who we came into contact with are great representatives of your winery. They made the wine tasting experience awesome!

-Rolf F. Via Tock | visited 09-06-21

We had a great experience at the winery. I enjoyed tasting in the inside area as it was very hot outside. The wines were even better than last year when we visited. The service was excellent and the employees were very friendly. Can't wait to return!

-Ross G. Via Tock | visited 09-05-21

Vera was friendly and attentive.

-Tracy M. Via Tock | visited 09-05-21

Amazing service!

-Marcela M. Via Tock | visited 09-05-21

It was a wonderful experience. There were 10 of us and the table was set and ready for us when we got there. Everyone was nice and helpful as always!

-Diane N. Via Tock | visited 09-04-21

We loved sitting with Noreen in the club members tasting room! Always a great day at Gainey!

-Laurie P. Via Tock | visited 09-04-21

I’m happy that tastings are allowed indoors now and that the tasting room is much brighter than before. Our server and other staff were very attentive. We didn’t feel rushed which always makes for a great experience.

-Ginny G. Via Tock | visited 09-02-21

We enjoyed every minute! Lynn our server was great and it was a delight to see and chat with Dan briefly.

-Harmon K. Via Tock | visited 08-31-21

Love the barrel room. Great wines and great service! Always our favorite winery!

-Jack K. Via Tock | visited 08-30-21

Our server was very attentive and knowledgeable. As usual the wines never disappoint. ☺️

-Dana S. Via Tock | visited 08-29-21

Great Members Lounge experience as always. Top-notch team!

-Jason C. Via Tock | visited 08-28-21

Service was excellent. Wine was great!

-Lynda J. Via Tock | visited 08-28-21

Everything was really good, the service,, the wine Thank you!!

-Alicia P. Via Tock | visited 08-28-21

Very friendly staff, good wines and great gift shop.

-Anne N. Via Tock | visited 08-27-21

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