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Delicious wine, beautiful setting, and an amazing server.

-Amy B. Via Tock | visited 12-12-20

Great wine, great location, great people, thanks Alice, your the best, why we keep coming back.

-Greg & Robin D. Via Tock | visited 12-07-20

Great experience!

-Mike M. Via Tock | visited 12-06-20

Excellent as always. After 6 years of membership we have 0 complaints.:)

-Robert H. Via Tock | visited 12-05-20

Always a pleasure to visit ! I will be first in line for tasting. Meanwhile I’ll enjoy your wines at home. The limited edition Pinot Noir was as good as they come.

-Jenny K. Via Tock | visited 12-05-20

Superb service from everyone at Gainey. Had the best time and very happy with my experience. Thanks.

-Brian S. Via Tock | visited 12-05-20

Had a nice afternoon of wine tasting in a safe clean and social distanced environment.

-Diana G. Via Tock | visited 12-05-20

Everything wat great! Service was great, loved the wines and atmosphere.

-Sheila K. Via Tock | visited 12-05-20

Thank you for a great day!

-Beatriz S. Via Tock | visited 12-05-20

Gainey is always welcoming one of our favorite wineries along with Evans Ranch, Alice at Evans is awesome!!

-Nancy J. Via Tock | visited 12-05-20

Thank you so much for a little sanity escape -- great wine in a beautiful place!

-Susan D. Via Tock | visited 12-05-20

We were warmly welcomed, felt safe, delighted in the beautiful view and enjoyed the always delectable wines. Loved the charcuterie box of goodies. Came home with a trunkful of wine. Hope to return soon!

-Ana I. Via Tock | visited 12-04-20


-Mark A. Via Tock | visited 12-03-20

Great services, love the place

-Felix T. Via Tock | visited 12-02-20

Always a nice and friendly place to visit

-Michael L. Via Tock | visited 11-30-20

Wines are great. Settle is beautiful.

-Carol H. Via Tock | visited 11-28-20

Members since 2011, love the way you ate handling our current situation with the outdoor tent and set up!

-Ron C. Via Tock | visited 11-28-20

Thank you. We enjoyed our tasting!

-Chuck A. Via Tock | visited 11-28-20

Our favorite Winery!! Thank you

-Mark E. Via Tock | visited 11-27-20

Jenn was phenomenal and accepted my partner and I as who we are. It was really powerful to be accepted as Queer people at Gainey Vineyard, especially when so many are wine enthusiasts. We will not only support your company but will highly recommend buying your wine to many colleagues.

-Gionvanni O. Via Tock | visited 11-27-20

Our hostess was wonderful, knowledgeable and fun!

-Uma P. Via Tock | visited 11-27-20

Amazing! Thank you for such a memorable experience

-Elaine L. Via Tock | visited 11-24-20

We were promptly greeted, seated, and offered an explanation of the new covid-19 procedures. Our server brought our tasting flight and verified our membership name and shipment pick-up. We were checked on several times during our visit and offered to clean-up our table. As always, we had a great time and enjoyed our wine and charcuterie board.

-Livier M. Via Tock | visited 11-23-20

The staff was warm, friendly and attentive. Always a pleasure to visit Gainey.

-Christopher K. Via Tock | visited 11-21-20

We always have a great experience at Gainey. Thank you and stay safe and healthy!

-Michael V. Via Tock | visited 11-21-20

We appreciated Dan Gainey stopping by to say hello.

-Anne G. Via Tock | visited 11-21-20

We appreciate the efforts at keeping within guidelines for safety. It was a great experience, delicious wines and we will return!

-Cindy K. Via Tock | visited 11-21-20

Enjoyed our visit as well as the tasting. Can’t wait to come bac

-Sheryl G. Via Tock | visited 11-21-20

We enjoyed the wines and listening to our serving telling us about them.

-Julia F. Via Tock | visited 11-21-20

A beautiful day at a beautiful place. We love the wine and appreciate the good service.

-Susan D. Via Tock | visited 11-20-20

Love this place! Jen was very nice and helpful!

-Petruvia R. Via Tock | visited 11-16-20

Covid 19 protocols were well established and organized which made for a safe experience

-Eric M. Via Tock | visited 11-15-20

Good wines, good staff, good weather!

-Frank W. Via Tock | visited 11-15-20

It is a pleasure to enjoy your wines in a wonderful outdoor setting. We felt safe and the atmosphere was great.

-Jenny K. Via Tock | visited 11-14-20

Great tastings. Thank you

-Marlene M. Via Tock | visited 11-14-20

Sadly we were 10 mins late but we felt that we were not taken care of like the other tables. But we enjoyed the wines and purchased some things

-Lori M. Via Tock | visited 11-14-20

Thank you for being open to serve us.

-Eileen A. Via Tock | visited 11-14-20

Gainey is awesome!!!!

-Nevanda A. Via Tock | visited 11-13-20

Beautiful, clean, friendly and delicious. Thank you.

-Yvonne V. Via Tock | visited 11-13-20

As always...gracious friendly knowledgeable staff. Thank you

-Sandy L. Via Tock | visited 11-12-20

Everything was perfect! Gainey has beautiful grounds, delicious wines and helpful friendly servers.

-Susan T. Via Tock | visited 11-12-20

Greatest tasting room people ever!!

-Kelly C. Via Tock | visited 11-12-20

Beautiful day at Gainey. Enjoyed a lovely tasting and picked up a few Christmas gifts! The gift sets really hit the mark

-Janan J. Via Tock | visited 11-12-20

The wine is amazing. Staff was very friendly and helpful. The room space arranged with candlelight was so cozy. I felt very safe since everyone were wearing masks, unless they were seated. I can't wait to return to Gainey.

-Alessandra D. Via Tock | visited 11-08-20

We had such fun. We brought two more guests for tastings. They said they loved it at Gainey

-Roseanne K. Via Tock | visited 11-08-20

The wine is very good and so is the friendly staff! It was also a pleasure meeting Dan Gainey for the first time. We can’t wait to return after the holidays!

-Tim K. Via Tock | visited 11-07-20

Justin was a terrific server. Staff was very pleasant. We really appreciated Dan coming over to say hello, to

-John W. Via Tock | visited 11-07-20

Ray is a wonderful server and very knowledgeable. Had a wonderful time with my family!

-Vivien P. Via Tock | visited 11-07-20

Really enjoyed my visit. Staff were great and charcuterie plate was really good.

-Cathatrine A. Via Tock | visited 11-06-20

To all the staff at Gainey- you made our anniversary celebration SO perfect. We love you!! Meryl, thank you so much!!

-Laurie S. Via Tock | visited 11-06-20

Our server was exceptionally helpful and friendly. We could have used an extra knife with the charcuterie plate (one for the mustard another for the fig jam. Also 2 napkins each instead of 1 each would be good. Hope to see you again soon!

-John T. Via Tock | visited 11-06-20

Beautiful area, great wine, fantastic staf

-Cathy W. Via Tock | visited 11-06-20

Thank you for such a wonderful experience! Pat took excellent care of us and we thoroughly enjoyed the wines as we watched the sun set over the vines. Very memorable!

-Nancy B. Via Tock | visited 11-04-20

Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. The wines are always very good.

-Derek A. Via Tock | visited 11-03-20

Everything, especially our server. She was awesome

-Zorana S. Via Tock | visited 11-03-20

The set up was very nice, and the staff was excellent

-Philip C. Via Tock | visited 11-02-20

Gainey Vineyards team is the absolute best, Thanks for taking such good care of us!

-Keith M. Via Tock | visited 11-01-20

Very friendly service and great wine!

-Paul K. Via Tock | visited 11-01-20

Great Wine !! Great Friends !! Great Weather !!

-Michael B. Via Tock | visited 11-01-20

Great job really enjoyed it!!!

-Donald H. Via Tock | visited 11-01-20

Thank you Kelly!

-Kim R. Via Tock | visited 11-01-20

All around great experience and service from the hostess to our server!

-Maurene D. Via Tock | visited 11-01-20

The outdoor tasting is a far better experience as opposed to inside counter tastings. With the incredible scenery you have to offer outside makes the wine that much better.

-Michael G. Via Tock | visited 10-31-20

Rhonda was great and so friendly. It was fun to see everyone dressed up for Halloween. We loved the outdoor seating and hope it stays around! And, of course, the food and wine were great.

-Michelle R. Via Tock | visited 10-31-20

As in the past, we had a wonderful time. Thank you.

-Christopher K. Via Tock | visited 10-30-20

Great customer service and beautiful surroundings. Great wine.

-Eli G. Via Tock | visited 10-30-20

The staff are always knowledgeable and friendly and it’s just a beautiful place to geek out over their amazing wine selection. Can’t wait to go home and pore over the wines, glasses and pantry items we bought!

-Karleigh S. Via Tock | visited 10-29-20

Enjoyed the relaxed setting. Friendly staff.

-Deborah L. Via Tock | visited 10-29-20

Great service and great wine

-Kathleen E. Via Tock | visited 10-28-20

Beautiful place, had a lovely time🍷

-Ena N. Via Tock | visited 10-28-20

Incredible !!!

-Vilma D. Via Tock | visited 10-28-20

Rhonda made everything smooth for us. :)

-Marina & Nicholas B. Via Tock | visited 10-27-20

Great, comfortable and safe!

-Debbie H. Via Tock | visited 10-27-20

Grounds are lovely, staff friendly, wine delicious

-Robert D. Via Tock | visited 10-26-20

The way you served the tastings in the carafe. And the personal exceptional service

-John R. Via Tock | visited 10-25-20

You guys always do an awesome job! We had a new girl on Sunday taking care of our table and she was very good, I’m sorry I didn’t get her name

-Gloria F. Via Tock | visited 10-25-20

Very nice experience. Ed was a great server.

-Adrian B. Via Tock | visited 10-25-20

Under the pandemic circumstances we enjoyed our outdoor tastings. Beautiful setting and Justin was a great server.

-Brad G. Via Tock | visited 10-25-20

Ray was great!

-Isabel N. Via Tock | visited 10-25-20

Our server was informative and very friendly. We felt very safe at our table And what a wonderful vie

-Cheryl F. Via Tock | visited 10-24-20

Serene setting, comfortable during COVID from a safety standpoint, courteous servers, very knowledgeable and most importantly, delicious wine!

-Bradley M. Via Tock | visited 10-24-20

Another amazing visit thanks to everyone at Gainey. Especially our server Ray. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Thank you.

-Nazanin M. Via Tock | visited 10-24-20

Pleasant experience on the lawn. Thanks to Jenise.

-Maria Z. Via Tock | visited 10-24-20

Rhonda was our server she was super, Gainey has done an excellent job handling wine tasting during the pandemic, thanks

-Nancy J. Via Tock | visited 10-24-20

Friendly staff.

-William C. Via Tock | visited 10-24-20

Our server Ray was very friendly and explained the tasting well.

-Kellie B. Via Tock | visited 10-24-20

Always enjoy visiting and tasting their fine wines.

-Guy D. Via Tock | visited 10-24-20

Wonderful service. Kelly was terrific. Beautiful view and tasty wines, what more can you ask for?

-Eliz H. Via Tock | visited 10-23-20

Loved the wines and great service, i will call tomorrow to put my order in

-Shirley H. Via Tock | visited 10-23-20

Pat was a great tasting host! Beautiful setting!

-Amy S. Via Tock | visited 10-22-20

Three newbies joined me at Gainey. Wonderful experience and their favorite...Patrick’s!

-Jenny K. Via Tock | visited 10-22-20

We loved sitting out on the picnic table and our server was very nice and informative and everyone was accommodating.

-Susan L. Via Tock | visited 10-22-20

Excellent and knowledgeable pourer, great wine like the last time we visited, outdoor experience in many ways preferable to indoors.

-Joseph S. Via Tock | visited 10-22-20

The entire experience was great!

-Troy C. Via Tock | visited 10-22-20

Everything was awesome. Justin was very friendly and knowledgeable about the wines. Great service!

-Shirin K. Via Tock | visited 10-20-20

Nice environment

-George H. Via Tock | visited 10-20-20

It was very pleasant. Beautiful weather. Love tasting outside.

-Thomas S. Via Tock | visited 10-20-20

Thank you for your hospitality

-Kimberly P. Via Tock | visited 10-20-20

We had a wonderful day celebrating our wedding anniversary. Beautiful property and fantastic wine. Very welcoming crew as well.

-Jennifer O. Via Tock | visited 10-19-20

Had a great time yesterday (Monday) with my boyfriend at 11 a.m. Great and attentive winetender. Awesome wines and beautiful view. Super peaceful. On point with covid-19 standards. Highly recommend!

-Meghan P. Via Tock | visited 10-19-20

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