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Wine is great. Our server Melissa is very professional and also very sweet.

-Jack K. Via Tock | visited 06-09-21

Awesome service, awesome ambiance, awesome wine and food! That’s it!

-Lynn F. Via Tock | visited 06-07-21

Excellent service, beautiful views and great wines!

-Diana L. Via Tock | visited 06-06-21

As always the staff has been exemplary. And we love bringing our friends there to show him how a nice winery is run. Always a good time and very educational and a lot of thanks to Meryl, Melissa and Kelly!

-Cyndi B. Via Tock | visited 06-06-21

Sitting outside was wonderful.

-Rolf F. Via Tock | visited 06-05-21

Great setting! Welcoming staff!

-Aristakes M. Via Tock | visited 06-04-21

Everyone and everything was amazing! Vera was the best hostess !

-Kimberly C. Via Tock | visited 06-03-21

All of the wines were so delicious, and Rhonda made it a very special birthday experience even though it was so busy! We loved it!

-Sarah E, Via Tock | visited 06-02-21

A beautiful setting all ladies that worked greeting and serving were fantastic!

-Janet O. Via Tock | visited 06-02-21

Lynn is so sweet and we always love our wine 💕

-Carol A. Via Tock | visited 06-01-21

We were made to feel very welcomed and the wines were yummy! They even brought out a fruit infused water drink for the toddler in our group!

-Carol C. Via Tock | visited 06-01-21

Great service and love getting all the tastings at once!

-Janis S. Via Tock | visited 05-31-21

We always have an amazing time at Gainey!

-Ofelia T. Via Tock | visited 05-31-21

All the Gainey associates we encountered on our visit this past Monday from the hostess, our wine server, and gift store associate! We were made to feel appreciated just by being there! Can’t wait for our next trip!

-Mike W. Via Tock | visited 05-31-21

Our server was amazing! He was very friendly and gave us a history of the winery.

-Hannah S. Via Tock | visited 05-30-21

It was our first time there! Everyone was so friendly and attentive! Great Customer Service! And of course we loved the much, we decided to become members!

-Edez L. Via Tock | visited 05-30-21

Amazing experience! We all had the best time and the place is absolutely beautiful.

-Lidsay H. Via Tock | visited 05-29-21

Wonderful as always. It was nice to meet Dan!!!!

-Sandy S. Via Tock | visited 05-28-21

Wonderful service and atmosphere :)

-Debra L. Via Tock | visited 05-28-21

Beautiful day filled with delicious wines and wonderful peoplE.

-Susan T. Via Tock | visited 05-28-21

Beautiful day filled with delicious wines and wonderful people.

-Susan T. Via Tock | visited 05-28-21

Lovely spot, good wine, attentive staff.

-Albert H. Via Tock | visited 05-27-21

Good wines, good service!

-Anthony B. Via Tock | visited 05-26-21

Great people wine and service Thank you Always love Gainey winery!

-Nevanda A. Via Tock | visited 05-26-21

I know this place had a lot of great reviews online - many people saying it was their favorite vineyard to visit. I didn't want to go for those very reasons (weird, right?) but I have to say - all of you were right!
I know a lot of places have had to adjust due to Covid, but Gainey does it right.
1) You sit outside on their veranda in the shade (that is key!) right next to their vines!
2) You get all the wine up front in small carafes so you can manage your time their yourself! No worrying about how long you'll be there - it's up to you!
3) Our server was incredibly kind and knowledgeable, and not in that fake-rehearsed way other places may do. Our guy was passionate and funny and just awesome.
4) We met the owner! How cool is that? He came right over to talk to us! It was like meeting a celebrity. I never met anyone who owned a winery before. I need more friends like that.
5) The wines were EXCELLENT. I bought a couple while I was there.

This place should most definitely be on your list when you visit Santa Barbara for sure!

-Steve K. Via Yelp | visited 05-24-21

Amazing wine and amazing staff. Thank you.

-Sunny M. Via Tock | visited 05-23-21

Interesting yet effective tasting approach with the delivery of all the wine at once. Actually worked well as each table can proceed at their own pace. Kelly, our server was engaging as was a female attendant who was buzzing around like a bee who was friendly and committed! Nice experience, thanks!

-Tim S. Via Tock | visited 05-23-21

Great experience, enjoyed so much, Lynn was the best! Thank you!

-Pamela W. Via Tock | visited 05-22-21

Our visit to Gainey was so enjoyable. Became a club member again. Love it!!

-Helen G. Via Tock | visited 05-22-21

Our server was great! Just love Gainey!!

-Linda V. Via Tock | visited 05-22-21

Perfect day.... staff was great!

-Albert G. Via Tock | visited 05-22-21

We so enjoy Gainey, our very favorite club!

-Sharon C. Via Tock | visited 05-22-21

Gainey is a beautiful winery with exceptional wines and a delightful staff.

-Elizabeth H. Via Tock | visited 05-21-21

Ray was great! Thank you Ray

-Susie H. Via Tock | visited 05-21-21


-Chris S. Via Tock | visited 05-21-21

We always feel welcome!

-Cyndi B. | visited 05-21-21

Love the wines & super friendly people!

-Cynthia H. Via Tock | visited 05-20-21

The all around experience was perfect! This was our best wine tasting experience!

-Fatimah K. Via Tock | visited 05-20-21

Very pleasant visit and nice staff. Wines were great as usual!

-Paul K. Via Tock | visited 05-19-21

Our favorite winery in the area for sure! Gorgeous place, enthusiastic and genuine staff, wines were all excellent and each was different than what we expected (in a good way!), got to meet the owner, Dan, and drank among the vines! So perfect!!!!

-Stephen K. | visited 05-17-21

Thx all for a wonderful afternoon!

-Christine H. Via Tock | visited 05-17-21

Justin was great at explaining the wines & horticulture.

-Michael P. Via Tock | visited 05-17-21

Love the way you've dealt with the pandemic restrictions. I would do it this way forever! So nice to sit and enjoy the wine in such a relaxed way.

-Sylvia D. Via Tock | visited 05-16-21

What a beautiful winery, exceptional service and lovely grounds. We enjoyed your delicious wines!

-Kent D. Via Tock | visited 05-16-21

An excellent experience.

-Cindy G. Via Tock | visited 05-16-21

Our server was so lovely and friendly and the wine is always delicious, plus the grounds are so pretty!

-Jessica J. Via Tock | visited 05-16-21

Seating, server, ambiance were all very pleasant. Nice afternoon.

-Nancy C. Via Tock | visited 05-16-21

Great service! Beautiful location!

-Priya N Via Tock | visited 05-15-21

The service was fabulous and friendly! We also enjoy our time at Gainey love being members!

-Jinell M. Via Tock | visited 05-15-21

Friendly knowledgeable staff and great wines!

-Judy C. Via Tock | visited 05-15-21

We enjoyed our afternoon at Gainey and Lynn made it so much more fun. The wines were all fantastic, and we will definitely be back again soon! Thank you :)

-Chrissy S. Via Tock | visited 05-15-21

We felt welcomed from the moment we got out of our car to the moment we got back in. Very lovely presentation and our serve was very informative. Ray was a ray of sunshine.

-Antonia B. | visited 05-14-21

It was a great experience!

-Suzi B. Via Tock | visited 05-14-21

Beautiful venue, good service, great wines.

-Pat R. Via Tock | visited 05-13-21

Impeccable facilities and service!!

-Thomas K. Via Tock | visited 05-10-21

Love Gainey! Thanks for making a special Mother's Day for my wife.

-Erich K. Via Tock | visited 05-09-21

Wines are excellent and Lynn was stellar in her service!!!

-Bryan K. Via Tock | visited 05-09-21

Melissa was fabulous. Wine was delicious. You were so fantastic with our two kids as well. Thank you!

-Brian P. Via Tock | visited 05-09-21

Melissa was so amazing-from the moment that we made the reservation to being our server and taking such good care of us!! Made all the difference.

-Karen K. Via Tock | visited 05-08-21

Everyone was so nice and friendly!

-Heather H. Via Tock | visited 05-08-21

Our server Lynn was great!

-Jennifer H. Via Tock | visited 05-08-21

Thank you for the great service, great wine. Always exciting.

-Sevan L. | visited 05-08-21

Been members a long time. Great people, wines and locatio!

-Debra W. Via Tock | visited 05-08-21

We had a great time visiting Gainey and enjoying the delicious wine. Look forward to the next time.

-Aaron D. Via Tock | visited 05-07-21

Thanks to Kelly for taking good care of us. Joined your wine club!

-Carol H. Via Tock | visited 05-06-21

Great winery! Great host equaled a GREAT TIME!

-Avery S. Via Tock | visited 05-06-21

Our server, Jen was so friendly, kind & extremely knowledgeable!!! Hope to connect with her on a return visit!!!

-Karen R. Via Tock | visited 05-05-21

The hostess was great (Jen?), and the venue is beautiful. Looking forward to enjoying our membership!

-Yvo B. Via Tock | visited 05-05-21

Thanks very organized and service was great. Ray was excellent! Thanks.

-Mike M. Via Tock | visited 05-03-21

Had a great time and sincerely appreciated the staff!

Excellent tasting and appreciated the professionalism of all the staff!!

-Alan K. Via Tock | visited 05-03-21

Staff was great! Thank you!

-William Y. Via Tock | visited 05-02-21

Awesome, you guys rock!!!

-Steve G. Via Tock | visited 05-02-21

It was great!

-Frank L. Via Tock | visited 05-02-21

Lynn was super friendly and we had a great time. The wines were wonderful as usual!!

-Michele M. Via Tock | visited 05-02-21

Friendly and beautiful atmosphere. Great wine!

-Bobbi O. Via Tock | visited 05-02-21

It's so relaxing! Great way to celebrate my birthday!

-Amalia P. Via Tock | visited 05-02-21

As with several visits in the past, I and my guest had a fantastic time at Gainey Vineyard. Amazing wines and friendly, professional staff. Thank you.

-Christopher K. Via Tock | visited 05-01-21

Staff was friendly and attentive! The wine was nice and the charcuterie was delicious! Ambiance was peaceful! Lovely day

-Brad B. Via Tock | visited 05-01-21

Jenn - our server, was so attentive and helpful. Melissa was great, as usual, and also was very attentive to our needs. Thank you for the experience - we arrived a bit late (got behind a slow camper) but we were let in for our tasting. I ended up spending over $200 so I think a win-win?! :)

-Janet B. Via Tock | visited 05-01-21

We enjoyed the outdoor sitting, the view and the wines were great tasting.

-Anita N. Via Tock | visited 05-01-21

So glad you got rid of the ugly white tent! We had a fabulous time with Ronda :)

-Darlene B. | visited 05-01-21

Rhonda was great! Wine was delicious and Rhonda educated us on the history of Gainey while training someone new.

-Kelly F. Via Tock | visited 05-01-21

Sunny is the best! Lovely day at your winery!

-Diana G. Via Tock | visited 04-30-21

Ray was a fabulous host. Thank you for a great experience and excellent wine!!

-Collene K. Via Tock | visited 04-30-21

The best tasting and we LOVED the rosé!

-Brenda M. Via Tock | visited 04-30-21

Great wine, location and staff!

-Jack K. Via Tock | visited 04-30-21

Everything was delightful!

-Michael S. Via Tock | visited 04-28-21

Wonderful wine, as always. Friendly and attentive staff. GREAT!

-Thomas S. Via Tock | visited 04-28-21

Staff was very refreshing and had modern take on wine. Ray was grea!

-Riikka A. Via Tock | visited 04-27-21

Loved the staff as well as the wine!

-Charles R. Via Tock | visited 04-27-21

Always love it at Gainey. Staff had to pivot to indoor seating just as we arrived. Went grea

-William W. Via Tock | visited 04-25-21

Everyone was so nice and the wine was great as usual.

-Jeff G. Via Tock | visited 04-25-21

Thank you for the great service as always!

-Jovan & Deanna M. Via Tock | visited 04-25-21

We love going to Gainey Vineyard. The staff is so personable and friendly that. They seem like family. Thank you for welcoming us and we enjoyed every minute we were there. BEST Winery!!

-Peggy F. Via Tock | visited 04-24-21

Nice place.. n good service...

-Marco B. Via Tock | visited 04-24-21

You-all take extra good care of me and my guests and have been doing an outstanding job for many years and all I can say is thank you very much..J

-John C. Via Tock | visited 04-24-21

We always receive incredible service and enjoy talking wine with the staff!

-Sherri W. Via Tock | visited 04-24-21

Beautiful location and wonderful wines

-Laurie M. Via Tock | visited 04-24-21

Beautiful setting delicious wines and great service!

-Susan T. Via Tock | visited 04-23-21

Nice venue. Good wine. Pleasant hostess.

-Al R. Via Tock | visited 04-22-21

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