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It was a beautiful day and our experience sitting next to the grapes of the vineyard enhanced the moment! Thank you!

-Kevin H. Via Tock | visited 05-15-22

Noreen was great and lovely.

-Tara I. | visited 05-14-22

Excellent service. Friendly staff. Great wine.

-Cecibel P. Via Tock | visited 05-14-22

Everything was great!

-Pamela K. Via Tock | visited 05-14-22

Lovely property and nice friendly service.

-Bill P. Via Tock | visited 05-14-22

Excellent hospitality!

-Leon C. Via Tock | visited 05-14-22

Beautiful surroundings and polite service.

-Liz J. Via Tock | visited 05-12-22

Friendly service and great ambiance. We love the actual delivery of the wine with numbered carafes and leisurely enjoyment of the tasting. No waiting for next pour- just delightful savoring. Our favorite!

-Phyllis R. Via Tock | visited 05-10-22

Happy went above and beyond to provide fantastic service. She was both nice and very informative. We will return. Loved the Chardonnay!

-Cynthia Y. Via Tock | visited 05-08-22

The staff was very helpful and cheerful. I appreciate the special accommodations they made for us in picking up such a large order. We'll be back SOON! :)

-Jeannette C. Via Tock | visited 05-08-22

Raymond was spectacular as always! We enjoy getting to know him! Thank you for the great wines, atmosphere, and staff💛

-Denise B. Via Tock | visited 05-08-22

Thank you Melissa for going above and beyond! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!!

-Debbie G. Via Tock | visited 05-07-22

We were seated promptly in a very friendly manner. Everyone was so nice on all questions we had asked. The weather was fantastic to make this a perfect day.

-Cheryl D. Via Tock | visited 05-06-22

We love Gainey! Your wines are YUMMY and - LOVE your spices and salts (LOVE "Wicked Salt and Wicked Pepper"- we always purchase it when we visit!!) *You were out of the yummy COFFEE PORT Rub- we will look for it online Thank you!

-Neil T. Via Tock | visited 05-05-22

Beautiful setting, excellent wines and friendly, knowledgeable staff!

-Henry H. Via Tock | visited 05-02-22

Great wines and service!

-Norman P. Via Tock | visited 05-01-22

Great experience, Rhonda was very nice and very knowledgeable, she gave us great tips. Loved the vineyard and atmosphere!!

-Jacqueline R. Via Tock | visited 04-30-22

Staff is always knowledgeable and gracious

-Allen L. Via Tock | visited 04-30-22

Beautiful surroundings

-Ron M. Via Tock | visited 04-30-22

The staff is knowledgeable and professional. Also everyone was very friendly, and the facility is gorgeous! Last but not least, the wines are by far all superb! I was surprised that I liked every wine I tasted. I wanted to buy all of them!

-Mary T. Via Tock | visited 04-29-22

Happy was absolutely delightful and knowledgeable. Rhoda gave me some interesting information regarding Daniel Gainey and how the winery began.

-Kathryn G. Via Tock | visited 04-29-22

Everything about Gainey Vineyard is phenomenal from the wine to the personnel. Everyone is very friendly and very knowledgeable of their wines. A great place to spend time with friends and a bottle of Gainey's delicious wine.

-Shirin K. Via Tock | visited 04-27-22

Gainey has a very welcoming staff and a gorgeous setting. And did I mention GREAT wines? Absolutely loved each wine tasted. Sawyer was so helpful with describing the wines and helping us with our purchases. Thanks Gainey, you are our number one winery in Santa Ynez!!!

-Ann Marie K. Via Tock | visited 04-26-22

Everything good. Wine & excellent server!

-Phillip C. Via Tock | visited 04-25-22

Paul was a great host for our tasting!

-Carl K. Via Tock | visited 04-25-22

Beautiful day, lovely spot, great wines, and nice people!

-Kathy K. Via Tock | visited 04-24-22

We had a lovely time and the employee who helped us was fantastic. Definitely will be coming back :)

-Kimberley P. Via Tock | visited 04-23-22

Happy provided us great service!!

-Roy G. Via Tock | visited 04-23-22

Wine tasting was great and the service was fantastic. We brought our friends and they signed up for the wine club!

-Lee G. Via Tock | visited 04-23-22

Staff very friendly and helpful. Have been wine club members for 25-30 years.

-Dale B. Via Tock | visited 04-22-22

Thank you for accommodating our family for a tasting.

-Albert G. Via Tock | visited 04-21-22

We enjoyed everything about the vineyard. Megan our server was amazing, funny, knowledgeable, overall delight. This was new for my husband and I and Megan made the experience positive and fun. Thank you we will be back again.

-Kristle J. Via Tock | visited 04-21-22

We enjoyed our experience very much. Beautiful venue.

-Bill M. Via Tock | visited 04-20-22

Love this winery!

-Kristen G. Via Tock | visited 04-17-22

Friendly server and great wine

-Hanni S. Via Tock | visited 04-17-22

Always a great time spent at Gainey. Love Norreen, Melissa, and all.

-Charles S. Via Tock | visited 04-16-22

Thanks Rhonda!

-Seema S. | visited 04-15-22

Wonderful service, delicious wine, especially the Pinot Noir.

-Lisa F. Via Tock | visited 04-15-22

The service was great and the wine was delicious! As always!

-Beverly S. Via Tock | visited 04-15-22

Great and knowledgeable service, great wine and scenery. What more can you ask for?

-Marji M. Via Tock | visited 04-14-22

We really enjoyed our server and learned alot about how they grow the grapes and how different wines are made. This was our first winery so we knew very little about wine. Thank you.

-Kimberly B. Via Tock | visited 04-14-22

Ray was great!

-Ana K. Via Tock | visited 04-12-22

Service person was excellent!

-Bobbie D. Via Tock | visited 04-09-22

We love Gainey, especially the lawn area where we can come with friends and spend a relaxing day with good wine and good company. The kids can play on the grass and it is very relaxing for everyone.

-Diana A. Via Tock | visited 04-09-22

It’s always a beautiful day at Gainey!

-Rochelle B. Via Tock | visited 04-09-22

Always a great experience!

-Marie W. Via Tock | visited 04-09-22

We love the wine, the location, and the friendly and knowledgeable staff! Thanks for everything!

-Tim K. Via Tock | visited 04-09-22

Beautiful tasting room and property! Justin was very knowledgeable and friendly. It made for a relaxing and enjoyable tasting experience!

-Dawn T. Via Tock | visited 04-08-22

Sawyer was fantastic, wonderful tasting and service.

-Mary B. Via Tock | visited 04-06-22

Great wine across the board, excellent service, beautiful setting.

-Heather B. Via Tock | visited 04-02-22

We enjoyed a very nice visit in the Lounge. Wines were very good and Noreen our server made it a special experience.

-Bob B. Via Tock | visited 04-02-22

Great service and great wine!

-Jack K. Via Tock | visited 03-31-22

As always, Gainey wines are special and the newly remodeled tasting room is comfortable and feels like stepping into a wine cave.

-Paula G. Via Tock | visited 03-30-22

Rhonda is always great!

-Denise H. Via Tock | visited 03-30-22

Gainey never disappoints! Exceptional wine and very knowledgeable and friendly staff.. had a superb time with girlfriends. Looking forward to come bac

-Mirna U. Via Tock | visited 03-27-22

The wines were terrific and Justin was a delightful guide throughout our experience! We'll be looking for Gainey wines in the future.

-Robert B. Via Tock | visited 03-27-22

Loved beautiful vineyard and great wine and service.

-Kristin M. Via Tock | visited 03-26-22

Great wines and great service!

-Michele W. Via Tock | visited 03-26-22

Friendliness of hosts and hostesses made it! No push to have us leave right on the hour. And a “surprise” addition (lovely Merlot) — what a treat!

-John M. Via Tock | visited 03-25-22

As always, thanks for a lovely time!

-Jeffrey M. Via Tock | visited 03-22-22

We had a wonderful time! Our server was the best!

-Andrea M. Via Tock | visited 03-21-22

Paul was very nice and attentive. Enjoyed a bottle of Riesling at home for dinner!

-Jackie R. Via Tock | visited 03-21-22

Always a great time at Gainey Vineyards!

-Debbie G. Via Tock | visited 03-20-22

Sawyer was great, as always!

-Bryan K. Via Tock | visited 03-20-22

We had a lovely time. The outside tasting was great! Hanna did a great job of describing the wines and just had an overall kind and personable demeanor.

-Karina K. Via Tock | visited 03-19-22

Everything was fabulous as always!

-Jinell M. Via Tock | visited 03-19-22

Wonderful wine and staff. Always a pleasure to visit.

-Christopher K. Via Tock | visited 03-18-22

The tasting was excellent! Very nice wines overall. I was particularly impressed with the two I bought, the 2020 Limited Selection Sauvignon Blanc and the 2021 Limited Selection Riesling. Thank you very much for a great experience on our first visit to the Santa Ynez Valley.

-Guy B. Via Tock | visited 03-17-22

Justin was amazing!!!

-Barbie R. Via Tock | visited 03-14-22

Lynda from Wales was great!

-Sharon C. Via Tock | visited 03-13-22

Happy was a great help in her dramatic explanation of the Gainey Wines - a real delight!

-Monique W. Via Tock | visited 03-13-22

Great Service and atmosphere!

-Neely G. Via Tock | visited 03-12-22

All the employees are so nice!

-Catherine A. Via Tock | visited 03-12-22

My happy place!

-Betty S. Via Tock | visited 03-03-22

Most pleasant and informative folks on staff.

-Thomas M. Via Tock | visited 03-03-22

Gainey Vineyard is a top notch business. We have been members since 2003. We thoroughly enjoyed our tasting experience.

-Chuck & Terry M. Via Tock | visited 03-01-22

Great wine, great location and especially great servers and general staf

-Jack K. Via Tock | visited 03-01-22

Very nice non rushed non pressure service.

-Nadia T. Via Tock | visited 02-26-22

Wines are always good!

-Joseph C. Via Tock | visited 02-26-22

Wines were outstanding as always. Noreen was an excellent host in the lounge.

-Carol H. Via Tock | visited 02-26-22

As a club member always feel welcomed, knowledgeable staff, great setting.

-Timothy D. Via Tock | visited 02-24-22

Very friendly, and welcoming. Enjoyed the beautiful setting. Have been going for over 25 years.

-Diane T. Via Tock | visited 02-20-22

Great service and venue! The wine is always above the rest!

-Stephanie M. Via Tock | visited 02-20-22

The service was excellent as usual! Also, really like the new setup outside with new furniture and plenty of room for tastings. It was a beautiful day on Sunday. Thanks for helping us enjoy our afternoon!

-Barbara L. Via Tock | visited 02-20-22

We had a wonderful time visiting the winery. Noreen and Sawyer went above and beyond to ensure we had a great experience. Thank you!

-Beth S. Via Tock | visited 02-20-22

Thank you for all your kindness!

-Ashleigh S. Via Tock | visited 02-19-22

Very friendly people!

-Lou B. Via Tock | visited 02-19-22

Our server was excellent, friendly and very helpful. The outdoor experience was very pleasant and quite enjoyable.

-Rosa G. Via Tock | visited 02-19-22

Great employees....Great service!

-Will M. Via Tock | visited 02-18-22

Fine wine, beautiful country and friendly, knowledgeable host. What's not to like?

-Cynthia B. Via Tock | visited 02-14-22

The service was wonderful.

-Michelle G. Via Tock | visited 02-14-22

Very nice tasting with nice pours of 6 wines that we could really taste and figure out which wines we wanted to purchase.

-Bruce T. Via Tock | visited 02-13-22

We had a fabulous visit as always!!

-Cheryl M. Via Tock | visited 02-13-22

The employees that serve your wine are always personable and make the tastings fun.

-Sandra M. Via Tock | visited 02-13-22

It was so great to taste in the Member's Lounge again and feel like an appreciated member! Everyone was attentive and accommodating! So happy we are still Gainey members after all these years!

-Caroline R. Via Tock | visited 02-12-22

Ray was awesome! Service was great from check in to when we left. We love this place!

-Lorenzo M. Via Tock | visited 02-12-22

Appreciate everything and everyone, thank you Ray and Justin for the great service.

-Ramon R. Via Tock | visited 02-12-22

Fantastic wine tasting and wonderful staff. Thank you for making the visit so pleasant.

-Christopher K. Via Tock | visited 02-12-22

Ray was a delight— Meryl was amazing. So hospitable and kind! The wine, the environment, the graceful scenery — I just adore everything “Gainey” And am thrilled to have joined the club. 💙

-Alethea P. Via Tock | visited 02-05-22

Loved it, as usual. Was so nice seeing Melissa again. She always does a wonderful job.

-Adrian B. Via Tock | visited 02-05-22

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